1 The peas、Green beans in25℃Soak in warm water29Hours later,After crushing、Grouting、Filtering、Such as precipitation process,Make pure peas、Mung bean starch。
2 The peas、Mung bean starch on the paste mixing、The vacuum、After the leakage gourd ladle,To enter100℃Hot water is boiled,Pulled out after cooling wear rod ready made big powder。
3To make a big powder water made of semi-finished products,Throughout the year-18℃Under the temperature of freezing20Hours after dispatch,The warm water、 Stand pole after sun drying(Drying machine),Fans finally made into finished products)
4 Tied the fans finished product、The seal、After a packaged into a variety of specifications of the finished product fans,The factory sales。


Silver spring rolls
The fish Sweet Silver Silk
Group of shrimp homing
Fleshy foam fans in clay pot